Save 15% on our remaining inventory of stock cabinets as we make room for new colors & styles.

In Stock, Preassembled & Good to Go

A clean look that is all about style, our in-stock cabinet line Camden Birch serves as a perfect backdrop for creativity. Features a recessed veneer center panel, square style, standard overlay and Mocha finish for a fashionable, yet affordable look. Birch is an even-textured, fine-grained wood with a curly or wavy pattern. Strong and heavy with a high resistance to abrasion. Smooth, dense surface texture. Paints, stains, and polishes apply with perfection. Tight wood grain appearance.

We stock Camden Birch cabinets at our Scottsdale, Arizona warehouse. Our showroom is approachable - we don't have endless aisles or long waits for appointments with sales staff. That means that you can visit our showroom, show your plans to one of our cabinet experts, and leave with your preassembled cabinets in about an hour. You'll be installing new cabinets and completing your remodeling project in no time.