Designer Profile: Emily

Contemporary Kitchen Design

The heart of Cabinet Solutions is our professional design team. In our Designer Profile series you’ll get to know a little more about our team’s experience, interests and perspectives on emerging design trends.

What drew you to design as a profession?

My friend’s mother was in the field and I would always see her working on design projects. Her house was meticulous and beautiful and that got me interested in design.

What is your educational background in design?

Scottsdale Community College
Associates Degree in Interior Design

Northern Arizona University
Bachelor’s of Science in Interior Design

When did you join Cabinet Solutions?

Spring of 2015

Were there any highlights along the path to your current position at Cabinet Solutions?

Selling my first job – it was an entire house so that was pretty groundbreaking because I was an intern at the time. Seeing that finished was great!

What emerging design trends are you excited about?

Green colors in interiors. How people are mixing modern design with other styles like modern-farmhouse and modern-contemporary. I’m excited about new and cool organizational accessories for cabinet interiors.

Are there any specific styles or features that your clients are asking for in their kitchen design?

Clients are asking for cabinetry with cleaner lines and less decorative elements so they’re easier to clean. They’re looking for more interior accessories like built-in organizers – basically anything that can make their lives easier.

Where do you draw inspiration for design?

Mostly from online sources. I love Elle Décor and Architectural Digest. I watch HGTV from time-to-time. I also like going out to new restaurants and hotels and seeing their design and thinking about how can I incorporate these influences in someone’s home.

Do you have a unique personal interest or hobby outside work that you think clients would find interesting?

I like to doodle, draw and paint. I also like reading design books, meditation and yoga.

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