Get a Head Start on Your Kitchen Remodel Budget with This Checklist

When you’re considering a kitchen remodel, one of the first questions you’ll likely ask is “how much is it going to cost?” To get a firm answer you’ll need to walk through the design process with a professional – here’s a checklist to give you a head start on the budgeting process with your kitchen designer:

1Wish List

Write down everything you want in your new kitchen with the things you want most at the top. Dream big and don’t stress too much about budget. Some things you think are expensive might not be (and visa versa).


Do you prefer traditional, rustic, transitional, contemporary or modern design? What cabinet finishes to you like? If you’re not sure, sit down with a magazine and bookmark looks you like, or start a Houzz or Pinterest board to share with your kitchen designer.


How do you plan on using your new kitchen? Do you have children or are you an empty nester who likes to host? Do you cook or bake by yourself or with a partner? Make a list of all the functional things you want to do in your kitchen.

4Reality Check

Are you remodeling to resell or is this your forever home? What are you replacing and what can be kept as-is? Cabinets and countertops are a given, but you should also list other items to replace or upgrade like flooring, electrical, lighting fixtures, plumbing and appliances.

5Pick a Pro

Find a local, bonded and licensed remodeling company with a proven track record who you can trust with your remodel project. Look for a team of true design specialists.

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